Order Lunch, Dinner, Family Parties, “Party Tray” via the Internet

Internet has become an indispensable part in people's life around the world. Almost every person knows that Internet is fastest way to search for information.
  • VIt is evident that any business, nowadays, must be present on the Internet. The Internet, readily available on people's smart phones, tablet computers is so fast and convenient compared to the big Yellow Pages directories. Thus, most Yellow Pages directories has to shifted to the Internet or stop their pubication. It is estimated that 95% of the generation population use the Internet to start their search for information.
  • People frequently search for information about the dishes available in a restaurant to finally pick the dishes that suit their taste and health conditon and nothing can surpass the Internet in supplying this information.
  • To save time, more and more people are prefer to order restaurant dishes on-line with delivery for lunch, dinner, home parties or other occasions.
ComVietNam.com proudly announces our new services which are of interest to restaurant owners and visitors as well. Restaurant owners can now take orders on-line. Visitors can now have lunch, dinner, or a full party with “party trays” delivered to your doors.
  1. ComVietNam.com is willing to distribute your restaurant’ menu, free of charge. This service will let your customers know about you, about your dishes and your specialties.
  2. ComVietNam.com helps visitors easily find a certain restaurant and show driving directions on Google Maps. This information is helpful to both travelers and local residents.
  3. With ComVietNam.com’s Coupons and Gift Certificates programs you can get meal orders at reduced prices or prepaid gifts to friends, even if you cannot be present.
  4. ComVietNam.com is optimized for Search Engines (SEO) to help you find a vietnamese dish or restaurant fast and easily.
  5. ComVietNam.com is widely advertised popular social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube and is advertised on high traffic vietnamese websites such as Vietbao.com, SBTN.net, TrungTam.com, etc.
  6. ComVietNam.com accepts payments by:
    • Visa
    • Master Car
    • American Express
    • PayPal
    • Google Checkout.
  7. ComVietNam.com will automatically send an email to the restaurant to prepare the dishes for a customers as soon as an order is received. Our experienced team can take care of quick and efficient delivery to home and business addresses in local areas.
  8. Our program will calculate delivery fee based on distance and the total amount of an order.